General Directorate for Water

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Fernando Pastor Argüello (Fpastor[at]
María Concepción García Gómez (mcggomez[at]

The General Directorate for Water, according to the Royal Decree 401/2012, is the Department in charge of, among others, the representation of the Ministry at international organism in subjects of its competence, such as:

  • Implementation of the Spanish National Hydrological Plan, as well as the coordination and harmonization of the River Basin Districts’ Hydrological Plans.
  • Managing hydrological, water quantity and water quality information
  • Inspection and control of hydraulic infrastructures, the maintenance of the Spanish Dam Inventory, and promotion of technical recommendations, manuals and good practices related to dam building, management and maintenance.
  • Monitoring and assessment of surface water quality, in addition to activities able to pollute or erode the Hydraulic Public Domain; boost and development of water purification systems, wastewater reuse measures and in general, all the actions devoted to promote water saving.
  • Monitoring and control the state of renewable groundwater
  • Development of the department’s duties related to water legislation’s implementation, especially the ones resulting from the Water Framework Directive and its transposition to national legislation.


S-ClimWaRe is designed to take advantage of the seasonal forecasts in the water management decision making process.